Sunday Service Online @YouTube

Coronavirus Guidance

Following the government’s advice and the new guidelines on social distancing, The Sunday service is set to resume from the  28th March 2021 but will be limited and with social distancing measures in place. Other St Luke’s church events such as Alpha, Community Groups, and other activities will continue to be online.

10.30 am Sunday service will resume in a limited capacity for Prayer and Communion as per CoFE advice on Coronavirus. This will be held at St.Luke’s Church, Alpha Grove. The new service order will be primarily online and projected on screens in church and those attending service are to refrain from singing and be socially distant. Find us on youtube ( ). At the end of the Online service, the Eucharist service to minister communion will follow soon at St Lukes Church and those attending are invited to stay on for fellowship as per social distancing guidelines.

Our Sunday service will continue to be online and you can join in by watching here: and men’s, women’s groups, and community groups will continue to connect online. Finally, we are developing new support strategies to offer care for the vulnerable around us.