ESOL classes

Providing English as a second language classes is one of the ways that we serve our local community.

At present, we run two ESOL classes. One on Monday mornings from 11am to 1pm (a men’s class) and one on Tuesday mornings from 10am to 12pm (a women’s class).

Our English classes on Monday mornings are run by Pete (our Operations Manager) who has teaching experience and loves supporting men to grow in confidence when speaking English and to be proficient in conversational English. Our English classes on Tuesday mornings are run by Alice from London City Mission. Alice speaks Sylheti and has spent many years running ESOL classes around East London. Through her use of Sylheti, she has been able to especially connect with first generation Bangladeshi women, who have little to no English. Both Pete and Alice are always looking for volunteers to help them to better support the men and women who come to their ESOL classes, to talk with them, serve teas and coffees, and help with teaching English.

If you have teaching experience or would like to talk with the men or women, or serve tea and coffee, then your help is much needed, appreciated and welcomed.